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X3IR Installation and Information

3IR Manager v1.1.10 Software and Guides

>> Team xecuter sent us the first public release of the X3IR Manager.
This will allow to modify and flash your X3IR addon settings (see news item below for pictures, info and features of this addon).
Settings currently are:
* Allow Power ON: yes/no
* Power Button Push Delay Mod On: x msec (depending on modchip you are using, you might have to change this)
* Power Button Push Delay Mod Off: x msec
* Turn On with Mod Enabled: remote button code (there's an easy 'Learning Mode' to add new button presses from different remotes)
* Turn On with Mod Disabled: remote button code
* Turn off: remote button code
* Read Settings
* Write Settings

With Default Settings and Xbox remote:
* Select button -> Turn On Xbox, Modchip Enabled
* Display button -> Turn On Xbox, Modchip Disabled
* Press '0' button 3x -> Turn Off Xbox

They also sent us some new install bits. How to install it in the X3CP (and X3PS is similar) was already available here.
Here's a guide package that includes:
* How to connect the 3 wires (GND/3.3v/3.3v standby) in the PSU points (not explained in X3CP-guide above, but required) UPDATE: the color of the wires on the picture don't match the retail X3IR ... cactusbob posted the info: Black = Ground, Red = +3.3v Standby and White = +3.3v.
* X3IR Programming Instructions
* X3IR Feature and Usage


Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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