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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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- Version 1.6 released.
- The minimum python version required is now 3.9 instead of 3.5 (MiSTer OS has python version 3.9 since September 2021).
- PC Launcher was added. It allows users to run Downloader on a PC. (Code that used Linux utilities has been substituted with code using native python libraries. This makes Downloader cross-platform)
- The file downloader module now uses python threads instead of CURL. This brings a significant speed boost during bulk downloads. General speed improvement is measured to be between 1.47x and 2.52x for standard use cases on MiSTer.
- File validation now happens in the main thread after each file has been downloaded asynchronously.
- When called from `update.sh`, the configuration file `downloader.ini` will be read instead of `update.ini`. Reason is: Since Downloader is now distributed through that launcher, this case needs to reflect better the behaviour described in the documentation.
- Added support for files gamecontrollerdb and gamecontrollerdb_user.
- Simplified SSL Certificates installation in the launcher file `downloader.sh`.
- Zip support now also includes a special case for single files that facilitates the distribution of very big files.
- Improved error reporting when there are certificate and mount errors to be more informative to the end user.
- Improved messages on files not getting installed because they are marked as overwrite protected in the database.
- Removed CLI output section that showed file validations with the `+` symbol, as now file validation happens during bulk downloads.
- Removed documentation about `base_system_path` as is not meant to be used by users.
- Other general improvements: refactors, fixes, test coverage, code cleanup...

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