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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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new features:
- bilinear texture filter (plus settings for 2D detection and filter strength)
- 24bit rendering
- 8 Mbyte RAM option(mostly for homebrew)

- CPU: implement partial cache line fetch for BIOS
- DMA: fixed a bug where the DMA would read up to 4 additional words from RAM in background that are never used
- DMA: fixed a bug where DMA would fetch more words than required when sdram performs refresh
- ressource reduction of savestate logic for several submodules

accuracy improvements:
- DMA and CPU can now run in parallel
- SDRAM: change 8 word burst to 4*2 word bursts to allow for unwrapped page reads for DMA
- Memory: corrected uncached instruction fetch timing
- Memory: corrected bios instruction fetch timing
- CPU: back-to-back read timing corrected: 1 cycle faster unless special conditions are hit
- DMA: allow for early DMA stop when last word is transferred from ram to device -> 2 cycles less DMA overhead
- DMA: moved IRQ to trigger 1 cycle earlier
- DMA: start SDRAM reading earlier -> 1 cycle less overhead
- DMA: use data from SDRAM directly without FIFO for MDEC and GPU -> 2 cycles less overhead
- DMA: allow to read DMA over full page instead of 4 word boundary (average 1.5 cycles less overhead -> matching PSX test)

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