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Emulation - Duimon-Mega-Bezel v0.9.7.0


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  • Fixed the Archimedes and Electron.
  • Added the CHIP-8.
  • Added the Ephoch Super Cassette Vision and Yeno alternate.
  • Added ChaiLove.
  • Added Craft.
  • Added Super Bros War.
  • Added VaporSpec.
  • Added vitaQuake3.
  • Added TV7 Wood variant.
  • Added Wood variant to all ports using the TV7 style graphic.
  • Updated all TV7 style presets to use the automatic split wide screen mode and added hidden details to balance the graphics.
  • Updated [Custom-Bezel_002] presets to use the automatic split wide screen mode.

The ChaiLove and VaporSpec virtual consoles are nothing more than demo cores ATM. If content increases I will consider doing dedicated graphics for them.

There were a lot of changes so you can expect some bugs. Let me know and I will fix them ASAP.

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