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Emulation - RetroDECK v0.5.0b


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We are proud to announce the new version of RetroDECK: 0.5.0b.
This version is bringing a lot of changes under the hood, many improvements user-side and several updates.

We also got a new logo!
Be sure to check BoilR (or SteamGridDB) in order to update it even on Steam.

So whats new in 0.5.0b?

FIRST, HEADS UP: We are moving your saves!
When upgrading from an older version of RetroDECK the first boot may be longer thanks to the save migration. No saves are lost in the migration process so DON'T PANIC, they are still there. It was all done in the interest to protect your saves long term as there were problems with the old structure. Depending on how many saves you have in combination with how big roms library you have, this process can take some minutes. More in the change log on the wiki https://github.com/XargonWan/RetroDECK/wiki/Version-history:-Patch-Notes on why this was needed.

  • Two new themes added: Alekfull-NX-Light and Retrofix-Revisited.
  • Updated ES-DE to 1.2.6


  • Implemented the first steps towards a universal Emulator Configuration Tool in the TOOLS menu.
  • Ability to log into your RetroAchievements account under the TOOLS menu for RetroArch only (supported standalones coming soon)


  • Updated RetroArch and all the standalone emulators
  • Added several free assets/fonts for RetroArch, PPSSPP, XEMU and BlueMSX
  • Added a new DEFAULT Emulator for the PS2: PCSX2-QT (the former PCSX2 default emulator is now called "PCSX2 (Legacy)")
  • Changed the DEFAULT Emulator for the PSX: Swanstation (Libretro) Core
  • Added a new Standalone Emulator for the PSX: Duckstation
  • Enhanced XEMU (XBOX) experience
    And more!
    Full changelog in the Wiki: https://github.com/XargonWan/RetroDECK/wiki/Version-history:-Patch-Notes

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