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Xbox360 - J-Runner-with-Extras V3.2.1 r2


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  • Added: Ability to easily load XeLL images for donor use
  • Added: UI layout tweaks
  • Fixed: Several issues and desyncs with the CPU Key Database
  • Fixed: CB LDV might show an invalid number on encrypted CBs
  • Fixed: CB Pairing Data might show garbage when the data is invalid
  • Fixed: NAND-X/JR-P cancel loop issues
  • Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues
  • Changed: CB LDV and Pairing Data now blank when data is invalid
  • Changed: Cleanup the filesystem


  • Download and extract J-Runner-with-Extras.zip for the executable and support files
  • Do not use JR-Auto-Update-Delta.zip, or the package may not be updated properly

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