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Switch - Breeze-Beta Assemble ASM cheat from txt file


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Assemble ASM cheat from file
Some utility to aid cheat code creation
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The file to be assembled is named asm.txt, the following label can be used in the file.
code1 = The address of the code hack
cave_start = The start of code cave, Breeze scan for blank space at the end of main and will place the start at the beginning of this space
data_start = Breeze scan the data segment for blank space at the end of data segment, please make sure the game exercised enough to ensure this is really unused space
data_end = End of data segment

To use the assembler feature create a cheat code that writes to the code address that you want the jump to be from
A jump will be added to the cheat code, then the assembled ASM code will be placed starting at cave_start. The original code will be the last line of this code. When you enable this cheat the last line will make this cheat not activated as the jump on the first line is overwritten. You can examine the result and use IDA pro or other debugger to test it. When you are satisfied delete the last line and the code is ready for use

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