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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1215


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@Extrems committed:

  • Update Redump database.
  • Force clean boot for unsupported discs.
  • Use file numbers.
  • Support disc images up to 4GB.
  • Move file paths to top of memory for USB Gecko.
  • Compare file names as a sanity check.
  • Warn not to remove patch device.
  • Add disc header checksums.
  • Improve DI passthrough.
  • Fix disc read speed after disc swap on GC Loader.
  • Use separate work areas.
  • Fix random freeze on clean boot.
  • Refactor some fragment handling.
  • Fix USB Gecko file unlock on IGR.
  • Use configuration device as patch device first if possible.
  • Fix UI inconsistency.
  • Enable ISR-based read method with USB Gecko.
  • Minor optimization.
  • Complete GC Loader 2.0.0 support.
  • Avoid annoying casts.
  • Add workaround for disc swap on GC Loader.
  • Fix issue with fragmented boot image.
  • Bump version to 0.6.
62fb783b65fe3c5f6cb3ba144c2c13f220f2ce2ed7e44336c8ef704561f6c12f  NKit_v1.4.zip
3eb906bd7162a509bb2f576f34c4915f4531df75ddb80711a96f849cd4159cdf  swiss_r1215.7z
49113522d5751abcc6f1521e40105d4b90d393b5f6966987e3e702c317695f0a  swiss_r1215.tar.xz

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