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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.3.0_2022-09-24


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  • Added SUPER-XBR-GDV presets includes SUPER-XBR by Hyllian
    • These presets create a rounded look to the pixels while maintaining more of the original pixel look
    • Vertical resolution of the signal stays the same as the original
    • Uses Guest Advanced (GDV) crt shader on top
    • Also uses Guest's SharpSmoother shader before XBR to smooth out some dithering/shading
  • Updated Hyllian's Checkerboard Dedither
    • Now includes his error control parameters
    • Default values set to avoid errors
      • Reduce Neighbor Errors = 4
      • Reduce Region Errors = 1
  • DeDithering / Pixel Blending
    • Guest.r's SharpSmoother is added to ADV presets
  • Megatron CRT Shader updated to V4.1
  • Split Scaling Fluidvision ;)
    • Added Split Preserve Center %
    • Added Follow Mode
      • You can now follow the position and scale of a layer or follow it exactly
      • the follow exactly mode reuses the coordinate from the layer it follows
      • Now the newly exposed areas can now be filled in with a repeated texture
  • Renamed Parameters
    • _FOLLOW_LAYER in each image layer has been renamed to _FOLLOW_LAYER
    • If you do search and replace through your files you will want to watch out for HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE
      • To handle this you can do the following:
        • Search and replace HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE to XXX_UniqueReplace_XXX or something else unique
        • Search and replace _SCALE_MODE with _FOLLOW_LAYER
        • Search and replace XXX_UniqueReplace_XXX with HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE to put it back
      • VSCode is recommended for an easy search and replace through files
  • New Follow Mode added for each layer
    • Gives the option to follow scale and position, or follow exactly
    • When Follow Exactly is on it uses the same coordinates as the other layer, splits included
  • Added Device LED layer
    • The texture is named DeviceLEDImage
    • By Default the Device LED layer
      • Follows the Device layer
      • Follow Exactly is set to on
      • Uses add blend Mode
  • Added Tube Diffuse Image Rotation

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