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Emulation - Duimon-Mega-Bezel v0.9.0.4


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  • Added the Pocket Dream Console.
  • Added the Entex Adventure Vision.
  • Added the Camputers Lynx trio.
  • Adjusted the ambient parameters on presets that use layers composited onto the background layer. (So they are using the same ambient image.)
  • Changed the layer order on various presets. (Some layers were above the device layer so were still showing when the Device scale was increased.)
  • Combined the Device and Top layer graphics for the PVM presets to free up an image layer.
  • Exported new layers for the PVMs. (The artboard size was increased to accommodate the Device layer drop shadow.)
  • Edited all the PVM presets to reflect the above changes. I used search and replace to make the changes so there is a chance that some were missed. I will fix any errors that are found going forward.

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