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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1236


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@emukidid committed:

  • Split config (global/recent/games) to reduce disk writes
  • Fix memory leaks in config related functions
  • Move patches/emulated memory cards and apploader.img storage to be under /swiss as well
  • Add settings migration progress indication
  • Speed up setting migration slightly
  • Fix config device switching when nothing has been previously saved
  • Update Patreon supporters list
  • Fix device deinit issue when copying multiple files to the same device in succession
  • Improve cheat parsing
  • Add page navigation to cheats selector
  • Fix incorrect error message when cheat file is missing
  • Add missing network settings to settings page/UI

@Extrems committed:

  • Update Petit FatFs to R0.03a-p1.
  • Use reload stub to load igr.dol.
  • Handle load/store instructions where rA is 0.
  • Adjust paths.
  • Optimize writing through FAT cache.
  • Fix deleting old swiss.ini on other device.
  • Use disc ID match when there is no file name match.
  • Load El Torito disc as a last resort.
  • Synchronize FAT cache changes.
  • Strengthen unsupported disc check.
  • Round up apploader size.
  • Update No-Intro database.
4bf6d6d8377b6f6b9fbb9d2743a1062ada66dcb273fa0cb3f89a26ceda61f4aa  NKit_v1.4.zip
e4d7e31c99be87ea2ad1f80ade277e5837174ad9ae7d6058e5372ba7a331d3b0  swiss_r1236.7z
ec4c09944ae42b4ac671b8182e742738dd6ed30cf56dda68b6f184d2e7c4d234  swiss_r1236.tar.xz

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