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Switch - Breeze-Beta Advance search and Auto start


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Advance search search for a sequence of values which can be of different types.
Add each search item in sequence they appear in memory, one of the item is to be designated as the target of which the address and value will be saved.
Only the target can have search type that need previous value.
Other than the usual search type the follow types are also supported:
ptr: a u64 number that falls in the main or heap address range
!ptr: a u64 number that does not falls in the main or heap address range
gap: number of bytes to skip
gap_allowance: number of bytes that is allowed until the next item is to be found

Currently secondary search is not enabled for advance search.

Added "AutoStart" option, when enabled primary search will be given a numerical file name starting with "1" then "2" and so on.

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