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Steam Deck - PowerTools v1.0.0


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On small step for users, one giant leap for the version number.

  • Completely rewrote back-end in Rust #22
    • Added support for setting minimum and maximum CPU and GPU clock speeds #21
    • Added battery charge control #23, but only when the Deck is awake
    • Completely broke backwards-compatibility (sorry!), so all old configs will be ignored
  • Revamped the UI to accommodate these new changes
  • Added a button to reset things to default #27, because why wouldn't you want a big button!
  • Added explicit opt-in to changing most parameters to avoid people asking me what PowerTools changes by default
    • the answer is still the same, btw: nothing, unless you enable persistence
  • Simplified per-game profile to not need a second toggle
  • Added some new bugs, just to keep everyone on their toes
  • Added more debug info so you can feel a bit more like Iron Man (since you'll never have the money)

Big thanks to JDGBOLT and NickSnaddon for their research into how the clock speed and battery controls work, respectively!

Full Changelog: v0.7.0...v1.0.0

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