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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.1.0_2022-09-04


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  • Versioning changed to standard semantic versioning
    • First number is the major version
    • Second number is incremented when new features are Added
    • Third number is for bug fixes only
  • DREZ presets updated to use Hyllian's bspline for a much cleaner downscaling
    • Thank Hyllian, this are looking really
  • Integrated Hyllian's Checkerboard Dedithering
    • This is now controlled by a general dedithering parameter HSM_DEDITHER_MODE which will switch between different methods
      • 0: OFF
      • 1: STRICT (MDAPT)
      • 2: RELAXED (MDAPT)
      • 3: HYLLIAN Checkerboard
      • 4: HYLLIAN Checkerboard + STRIPES (MDAPT)
      • 5: STRIPES (MDAPT)

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