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Mega Bezel - Mega_Bezel_V1.0.005_2022-08-24_Rev-1


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  • Updated license date
  • Renamed LOTS of shader files, Removed hsm on directories and base files
    • No preset names have changed so you should notice no change
  • Ambient Lighting
    • Default ambient lighting has changed so that the first lighting image will affect everything but the background
      • The background will be affected by the second ambient image
      • The first image has changed to one with the lights closer to the middle and brighter
        • This brightening up the monitor graphic and helps separate it from the background
    • Added a mode to decide which images with these modes
      • Use Both
      • Only 1
      • Only 2
      • Swap the Images
    • Changed Ambient Lighting Scale with viewport to be a scale inheritance mode
      • It will now be able to follow the tube or the viewport scale
    • Added a Multiply Opacity by Diffuse Amount, this helps adjust the highlight when the diffuse image is turned on
    • HSM_TUBE_STATIC_REFLECTION_IMAGE_ parameters renamed to HSM_TUBE_STATIC_, left the main opacity and on/off parameter names the same
    • Added Position X and Y and Scale x
    • Added Black Level for Static Image, helps to adjust how much how sharp the highlights are
    • Added Optional Noise, good for getting rid of banding
  • Updated Reflect-Only presets to use Glass as a base to use less resources
  • Megatron updated to V3.4.1
  • Fixed CRT Multiply mode so it would now appear in the reflection
    • Fixed Gameboy like presets where the reflection was missing

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