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Switch - Amiigo 2.3.0: Favorites, bug fixes, and more


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Changes to Amiigo:

  • Added context menus to the selector screen, hold down on the touch screen for 0.5 seconds or press Y
  • Added option to save Amiibos to the current location in the selector
  • Added ability to favorite an Amiibo (See context menu)
  • Added ability to delete an Amiibo (See context menu)
  • Added ability to make a new folder (See context menu)
  • Added "back" option to lists when in a subcategory
  • Altered the colours of the Amiigo store to be less bright
  • Amiigo will now reset the active virtual Amiibo when disabling Emuiibo
  • Updated to latest Arriba

Changes to Arriba:

  • Fixed mistake in the rendering code that would cause apps made with Arriba to render at 720p when launched in applet mode
  • Replaced all linear algebra logic from GLM with a custom math library
  • Added support for analog sticks
  • Made several optimizations to improve the rendering speed
  • Added basic support for layers
  • Added alt callback for inertial lists
  • Fixed incorrect texture coordinate data that would cause framebuffers to render upside down
  • Further abstracted input system from LibNX
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

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