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Switch - NXMP NXMP v0.6.1 Rev 7(Nightly Build)


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Hello friends, I have a couple of announcements:

  • This Build is at the request of Proconsule to test the public portlibs.
  • The portlibs are free to the public and you can download them from here https://github.com/proconsule/nxmp-portlibs (As a tip, compile them on Linux, I compile them on Windows but it's too much trouble even using WSL.)
  • This Nightly Build has updated libraries, both FFmpeg library (02/18/2022), and LibMpv 0.34.1 (This time patched so that deinterlacing works.)
  • It is quite likely that NXMP 0.6.2 Stable will arrive within the weekend, and as Proconsule mentioned to me, they will be compiled with the old portlibs. so if you want to test the new portlibs use the Nightly Builds, but as I always say:
    The Nighty Builds are test Builds, to add or remove functions, some things can be broken.

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