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Switch - NXMP NXMP v0.6.2 Rev 8(Nightly Build)


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  • Fixed bug where the maximum size of the subtitles is 120 in the right menu, but it is maximum 119 in the Settings menu, being inconsistent. (I just replaced the < 120 with <= 120)
  • Fixed Bug, where if in Settings you chose the size of Subtitles, for example 60, when entering the right menu, it would still show 55, since that value was embedded.
  • Fixed Bug (I don't know if it's a bug or it was intentional) where if you changed the value of the subtitle size with any value in the right menu, this was not reflected in the size of the settings menu. so now to my liking they work in sync.
  • Added function to save the size of the subtitle scaling and to be able to be modified from the Settings Menu, (and obviously they also work in sync.)


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