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Switch - NXMP NXMP v0.6.3 Rev 5(Nightly Build)

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Hello friends, the Embedded Styles function has been deprecated, it has been replaced by Styles Override that allows greater customization of the Styles for the subtitles.


  • No: Render subtitles as specified by the subtitle scripts, without overrides.
  • Yes: Apply all the --sub-ass-* style override options. Changing the default for any of these options can lead to incorrect subtitle rendering (default).
  • Force: Like yes, but also force all --sub-* options. Can break rendering easily.
  • Scale: Like yes, but also apply --sub-scale.
  • Strip: Radically strip all ASS tags and styles from the subtitle. This is equivalent to the old --no-ass / --no-sub-ass options.

This also controls some bitmap subtitle overrides, as well as HTML tags in formats like SRT, despite the name of the option.


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