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Switch - NX-Shell v2.00

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Please note: The ebook reading feature has been removed, for more information look here.


  • Updated SDL_FontCache as well as SDL2 to latest revisions available.
  • Major music player changes:
    • Added support for the following formats: IT, FLAC, MOD, OPUS, S3M and XM.
    • All audio files now display timestamps (current and duration) as well as a progress bar.
    • All audio formats display metadata (album, artist, title, etc) if found. Formats such as MP3, FLAC, OPUS will display a cover image if found.
    • All audio formats are seekable via the touch screen. Simply drag your finger across the progress bar to select a location to seek to.
  • Implemented libarchive support:
    • Allows for the extraction of .7z, AR, ISO 9660, RAR, ZIP, AR, XAR as well as some other formats supported by libarchive.
    • Display a dialog asking for the user's confirmation before extracting an archive since some can take a while.
  • Remove usbComm service initialization which wasn't used and caused a crash on FW 7.0X+.
  • Properly make use of transparency when displaying dialogs, progress bars, and the menu bar.
  • Added support for viewing .webp images.
  • Default to 'No' for file deletion.
  • Cleanup fake heap when setting a custom heap which caused RetroArch to crash if it was opened after closing NX-Shell.
  • Display a simple error dialog for failed file system functions. (an error code as well as the function that failed would be displayed).
  • Fixed use of blend mode under SDL2 which caused transparency issues in some cases.

If you'd like to support me, then feel free to buy me a coffee, I'd really appreciate it! https://www.paypal.me/Joel16IA

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