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Switch - NX-Shell v4.0.0


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Since there has been a lot of FS refactoring, and some new dialogues in this release certain functionalities such as extracting compressed zip files and language settings are currently not available. This may be re-added at a later date. USB support has also finally been added, its important to remember to unmount your usb drive before ejecting. You can find the unmount button in the settings tab.

NX-Shell (Next) Screenshot


  • FS:

    • Added support for browsing USB devices.
    • Switched back to libc to handle FS operations.
    • Brought back support for browsing other devices such as safe, user and system.
  • GUI:

    • Update to imGui v1.88.
    • Switch to imGui's new keyEvent API.
    • The two views (File Browser and Settings) can now be navigated as tabs.
    • Switched from list view to a table view using imGui's table API.
    • Sorting is no longer applied from settings, it can be done directly by clicking on the table column headers.
    • A new selector has been added to allow the user to switch to different devices such as safe, user, USB etc.
    • Settings are no longer categorized by imGui's tree system.
    • No longer uses SDL2 as a backend, but instead uses opengl v3 directly (along with egl).
  • Fixes:

    • Properly delete config file if the config file version is outdated.
    • Properly free textures after exiting application.
    • Fixed scrolling via the right joystick after zooming into an image.
    • Lots of code clean up and under the hood changes that are too many to list here.

If you'd like to support this project, then feel free to buy me a cup of .

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