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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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Games affected by fixes:
Dino Crisis 2, Suikoden, Vagrant Story, GTA, Transformers, Micro Machines, Rugrats - Search for Reptar

new features:
- option for fixed CD speed added(1X-8X)
- optional hack to limit CD read speed to capability of the game -> allows to use 8x CD speed in more games without CD read overflow
- add gamma feature from framework

- CD: fixed bug with second command writing fifo values while IRQ is still pending
- CD: increased minimum seek time until better values/model are implemented
- CD: don't ignore pending work time when starting another work command
- CDXA: ignore sector if there is still data in the decode fifo
- GPU: invalidate texture cache after vram access from fill, cpu write or copy
- SPU: set priority from KEYOFF > KEYON to KEYON > KEYOFF
- DMA: slow down RAM->SPU transfer to 4 cycles per 32bit
- DMA: allow address zero as linked list next address
- Interlaced video out while paused will use only odd/even line data(half resolution) to fix artifacts on HDMI and flickering on analog out
- SNAC: ack glitch filter: Filters out any glitches of the ack signal that could happen with longer cables
- Memcard: fix wrong lastData responses
- error overlay off by default

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