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Xbox360 - J-Runner-with-Extras V3.2.0

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  • Added: Improved and enhanced UI
  • Added: Auto folder/zip backup system (optional)
  • Added: Minor enhancements throughout the application
  • Added: CB combo box now pulls ALL CB versions from ini and sorts numerically
  • Added: Standalone ability to convert image to RGH3
  • Added: Visual indicator for RGH3 nands
  • Added: Support for Corona BB
  • Added: More intelligent detection of nand type
  • Added: Improved folder scheme handling
  • Added: XL HDD support
  • Added: XL USB updated: Improved game compatibility
  • Fixed: Few RGH3 building issues
  • Fixed: CPU Key Database UI issues
  • Fixed: Kernel dropdown configuration bugs
  • Fixed: UI issues on high DPI monitors
  • Fixed: Buggy behavior with NAND-X/JRP reading in certain modes
  • Fixed: Unnecessary delays during some operations
  • Fixed: Crashing issues on some systems when moving files after CPU Key entry
  • Fixed: Crash if entering CPU Key while reading/writing
  • Fixed: Invalid ability to load nand while the file is in use
  • Fixed: Some CBs had wrong reference LDV
  • Fixed: Out of sequence operation on nand initialization
  • Fixed: Progress bar stuck bug
  • Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues
  • Changed: Simplified some unneeded complexity
  • Changed: Don't revert hack type on CPU Key entry if the user changed it


  • Download and extract J-Runner-with-Extras.zip for the executable and support files
  • Do not use JR-Auto-Update-Delta.zip, or the package may not be updated properly

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