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Mega Bezel - Mega_Bezel_V1.0.004_2022-08-08_Rev-1


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  • Fixed Potato Black Edge Corner
  • Added Fake Scanlines option to colored Gel
  • Changed Gel to use Vignette for shading
  • Added control for tube aspect, should work much better now
    • 0 - Add even thickness on all sides
    • 1 - Tube aspect ratio will match the game screen aspect
    • 2 - Explicit Aspect
    • A new explicit parameter has been added to set it explicitly
  • If Vert BG or Device image is the placeholder (16px tall or less) then fall back to horizontal BG or Device Image
  • Image processing was not done on images which haven't been supplied
    • All images are actually always supplied, but by default they are supplied with 16x16px transparent images
    • If an image is smaller than 16px tall then it will not be processed
  • Added some sharpening with guest's Fast Sharpen on by default in DREZ presets which should make them slightly less blurry

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