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Mega Bezel - Mega_Bezel_V1.0.003_2022-07-28_Rev-1


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  • Updated to the latest guest release: crt-guest-advanced-2022-07-27-release1
  • Changed Guest mask size to 1 by default so that there isn't inconsistency using guest settings in the Mega Bezel
  • Adjusted the default SMOOTH-ADV scaling parameters for a sharper smooth look:
  • Added Shift Sampling Relative to Scanlines to shift the image relative to the scanlines
  • The ScaleFx settings now only appear on the SMOOTH-ADV preset nearer the bottom of the parameter list
  • Fixed Double image when using cropping in NTSC presets reported by @JHorbach1
  • Updated to crt-guest-advanced-2022-07-17-release1
    • Includes Scanline Gamma
  • Tube Gel and Diffuse Fixes
    • Gel is now mapped to the tube, independent of the black edge
    • Added a feature to add a bit of tube diffuse shading to the GEL this should make it look a little more natural
      • [ TUBE COLORED GEL IMAGE ] > Normal Multiply by Tube Diffuse Shading
    • HSM_TUBE_BLACK_EDGE_LAYERING_MODE has been removed as it's not needed anymore
    • CRT Multiply blend mode now works better when there is extra tube thickness
  • Changed HSM_TUBE_DIFFUSE_IMAGE_SCALE to 120 by default to have a less rounded look
    • If you want a stronger rounded shaded look reset it to 100
  • Fixed Scale discrepancy when using the Cab Glass Image
  • Added Shadow Opacity param to control shadow being applied to the static tube highlight

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