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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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Games affected by fixes:
Gouketuji Ichizoku 2, Eggs of Steel, Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX, Ape Escape, Aconcagua,
Slam Dragon, Rascal, Time Bokan Series - Bokan GoGoGo, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vigilante 8, DoDonPachi, X2 - No Relief

new features:
- added pause from CD slow -> will pause the core if data delivery from e.g. SDcard is slow instead of possibly crashing the game (can be disabled in OSD)
- add function for autoincrement savestate slot when saving
- add 24bit dithering option for VGA out

- Mixed: updated sys/framework
- Mixed: remove start button from savestate save/load combo
- Mixed: Digital pad can now use left Analog Stick as virtual DPad
- Mixed: improve timing closure for spuram to savestate readback (second sdram only)
- Mixed: added timeout to still pause the core if a game requests CD or SPU but doesn't read the requested data
- Mixed: show saving info overlay if OSD is closed
- Mixed: removed pause from heartbeat
- OSD: option for CD slow overlay: show only slow reads or slow reads and seeks
- OSD: autosave when opening OSD is now renamed and default
- OSD: show save status in OSD (not saved, saved, saving)
- CD: always accept reset cmd, even with second response irq pending
- CD: don't ignore pending speed change time when going into seek or read
- CD: don't ignore pending seek time when read/play is started while seek is still ongoing
- CD: remove periodic driveDelayNext where it's not required
- CD: don't fetch sector from HPS again if last fetch was from same sector
- CD: allow commands to execute while CD sector fetch from HPS is ongoing (fixes hangs when HPS is busy)
- MDEC: fix softreset from CPU write
- CPU: fix design flaw that didn't allow to pause CPU for DMA when CPU is constantly doing memory accesses
- GPU: clear texture cache when drawmode texture width changes
- DMA: increased CPU to DMA working ratio when transmitting data from VRAM to RAM
- GPU: fix video out read offset when framebuffer in vram is not 4 pixel aligned
- GPU: wait for previous draw calls pixels to be fully written before next readback
- GPU: write pixels to 64bit word aggregation timeout can be skipped if pipeline is done(speedup)
- GPU: allow output of videodata while core is paused(fixes glitches when unpausing)
- GPU: restructure most GPU modules to complete VRAM request even when core is paused
- GPU: don't reread fetched vram data after unpausing
- GPU: skip drawing line primitives that are fully outside the drawingArea

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