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Ports - DevilutionX 1.0.0


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  • FPS no longer capped at 20hz; smoother mouse and transitions
  • Full-featured gamepad support
  • All movies can now be skipped via ESC
  • Implement --help, --version and --data-dir
  • Implement FPS counter (-f)
  • Force windowed mode with -x
  • Skip startup movies with -n
  • Implement scroll wheel navigation
  • Implement touch support
  • Load assets from the same folder as the mpq
  • Faster loading


  • Added Nintendo Switch support
  • Added Retro Gamer Handheld (OpenDingux/Retrofw) support
  • Added OpenBSD support
  • Windows version is now build as GUI an app and has an icon


  • Fixed random missing sounds
  • Fixed NPCs not talking about the right quest
  • Error messages implemented in GUI
  • Fixed having to restart the game between network sessions
  • Fixed game not working on some Radeon GPUs
  • Fixed panel missing after minimizing game if upscaling is disabled
  • Fixed clicks in the left letterbox being incorrectly handled
  • Fixed end movie not looping

Original Diablo bugs

  • Fixed a large number of rare stability issues from the original game
  • Correctly take open panels into account when casting spells
  • Fix sound some times being muted after Diablo dies

SHA1 values for verifying the downloads:
5e74b9436a2feaf9c1b4b07930ca23bcfc8ef8e5 devilutionx-linux-armhf.7z
14941bd699e7d9b454b29fcf430d37d7fe045bd3 devilutionx-linux-x86_64.7z
b59a8896f5efc529be9f35f5db9a50e7638fed29 devilutionx-mac-x86_64.dmg
348559fd080d00925ce4def41185e94b8d6e8212 devilutionx-retrofw.ipk
c085f3c6aa43d393635b7f67a057917ae656ce58 devilutionx-rg350.opk
697535070d2bc62e61a88b567cb96c117fd59c7c devilutionx-switch.zip
d1233aa0fab62117715fea72377612c5ff16a6bb devilutionx-windows-i386.zip

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