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Ports - DevilutionX 1.0.1


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  • Toggle fullscreen at any point by hitting alt+enter (mouse grab can be disabled in diablo.ini)
  • Controller: B button closes the currently active panel.
  • Added a navigation menu for controllers
  • Focus on the exit item before quitting.
  • Minor performance improvements (save/load time and main menu).
  • Add a list of known mods


  • Added support for ppc64le
  • Added support for Amiga
  • Added support Clockwork PI GameShell
  • Added support for GKD350h
  • Switch to OPK for RetroFW (requires 2.0)
  • Update OpenDingux/RetroFW build root


  • Game crashing on systems that do not report monitor refresh rate.
  • Fixed belt not working correctly when holding shift on us keyboard layouts
  • Always keep track of the latest hero level when selecting difficulty.
  • Correct screenshot path
  • Turn the screen red for 200ms when taking screenshots.
  • Fix town load screen missing on the first load for 32bit systems.
  • Fix minor HOM issue at some houses in town.
  • Allow for space as text input
  • Fixed a couple of typos in error messages

Original Diablo bugs

  • Fix belt not working correctly when holding shift on *non-*us keyboard layouts
  • Fix one more rare crash.

SHA1 values for verifying the downloads:
5cab4002c93634dc8ec8bf4d730c39dfeecac0d9 devilutionx-windows-i386.zip
0e09309ccd5983523ae3faebae3b2f6f4011ad7c devilutionx-linux-x86_64.7z
abfd1a839ec608cb1e12506cd304d214e7750c0e devilutionx-retrofw.opk
3aee25738d7ab0fb0efade7abaad4bca96f6911c devilutionx-rg350.opk
b4bb0b131cfb46ee6c1770018be358e71a0fe78f devilutionx-gkd350h.opk
a8df8d1a188ff4af510962976c4da9a9a7c66d72 devilutionx-switch.zip
eba46b5f3214129f2a51b7a93d3d8647c711426b devilutionx-amiga-m68k.zip
4e5182fcb333c2f26fa82b7c4d7faeea85379125 devilutionx-linux-armhf.7z
af68d1cbe2383bbfa77b58055634936260e22138 devilutionx-mac-x86_64.dmg

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