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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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- Support for HDMI pixel repetition (used in 2560x1440 mode) and some video tweaks (Martin Donlon).
- input: enable vibration test by holding L button (then press X/Y in Menu core).
- input: Added Gun4IR lightgun support (JB).
- Cheat menu tweaks (arit).
- menu: system menu defaults to exit (to prevent unintentional switch to USB).
- video: send freesync/VRR enable frames if the display supports it (zakk).
- added experimental VRR logic (cores require update).
- menu: update minimig joystick mode option.
- menu: fix name scroll overlap with help scroll.
- video: support for fractional frame rate in short version of video_mode.
- menu: alternating info between battery and resolution if battery available.
- SNES: adjust MSU1 data buffer for bigger video buffer (fixes 512px video modes with HQ2x enabled).

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