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MiSTer FPGA - mt32-pi v0.12.0


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  • Update to circle-stdlib v15.13/Circle Step 44.5.
  • Update to libmt32emu v2.6.3.
  • Update to FluidSynth v2.2.7.
  • The i2c_dac_address and i2c_dac_init configuration options have been deprecated and have no longer have any effect. DACs requiring initialization are now automatically detected.
  • The [fluidsynth.soundfont.x] sections have now been deprecated. SoundFont effects profiles must now be stored in separate .cfg files, with the same file name as the SoundFont (minus extension). This means that file index no longer influences SoundFont settings. See soundfonts/GeneralUser GS v1.511.cfg for an example.
  • The maximum number of SoundFonts has been increased to 512.
  • Updater: deprecated options are now removed when merging configs.
  • Installer: missing tools (e.g. dialog, jq) are now reported if they are missing from the system.


  • Support for SSD1305 displays via a temporary hack (assume SSD1305 when width is set to 132). Further details in the wiki.
  • Support for WM8960 DACs (e.g. Waveshare WM8960 Audio HAT).


  • HDMI audio channels were reversed.
  • USB MIDI device stability improvements.

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