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Emulation - RetroDECK v.0.4.1b


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Release Notes


  • Tweaked various emulator configs
  • The emulators that was showing a small viewport like N64, Wii, GC, and Dreamcast are now showing a more appropriate viewport
  • Fixed home path in MelonDS (SA)


  • Updated ES-DE to 1.2.4
  • RetroDECK doesn't open ES-DE anymore during the first setup, almost everything is now automated: HURRAY!
  • Now a custom roms path can be selected if SD Card is selected and the SD Card is not found in the default path


  • Fixed a bug where the folders where not symlinked correclty

Known Issues:

  • PCSX2: due to its limitation, the standalone PCSX2 doesn't have any way to set the hotkeys, so no save and load state, no quit button. In order to quit press: STEAM -> PCSX2 -> (X) CLOSE WINDOW, be aware that the state is not automatically saved
  • External controllers and keyboard seems not to be working, expecially in the desktop mode
  • Yuzu makes RetroDECK freeze in some situations, like if the rom is a bad dump


At the moment the emulator configs are reset during every update, this was made because every version they may bring new configurations, please back them up if you did some manual configs.

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