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Emulation - RetroDECK 0.2.0b


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Release Notes

This releases brings more bufixes and dev side stuff.
This is a big step for being publishable in the Discover application store under Desktop Mode.


  • Migrated everything from the old building script to a full fledged yaml in order to being published on Discover
  • Fixed SD Card issues
  • Improved installer script
  • Tweaked RetroArch configs
  • Added tool for relocating ROMs location from/to internal to/from external
  • Added PCSX2 and Yuzu emulators (but not yet integrated in ES-DE)
  • Created cooker channel, more info in Discord and on https://github.com/XargonWan/RetroDECK-cooker
  • Cooker will auto build when a change is pushed/PRed
  • Same as above with main

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