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Emulation - RetroDECK 0.3.1b


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Release Notes

This release is an hotfix

  • Fixed Dolphin: now Dolphin (Standalone) is the default emulator for GC/Wii.

Previous release notes

This releases carry the main changes to be released in Discover (Flathub).

Before installing please backup your data and rm ~/retrodeck/.lock.
General installation instructions can be found in the Wiki.

Changelog resume

  • Migrated everything from the old domain com.xargon.retrodeck to net.retrodeck.retrodeck to be aligned with flathub standards
  • Fixed and enhanced all the tools
  • Added 'Start Yuzu' tool
  • Swapped a/b buttons on RetroArch
  • Tweaked some RetroArch configs
  • Fixed RetroArch Hotkeys
  • Added standalone PCSX2
  • Added standalone XEMU
  • Added standalone DOLPHIN
  • Reconfigured standalone YUZU
  • Updated EmulationStation Desktop Edition
  • Updated the default Art Book DE theme
  • Updated various backend scripts

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 0.2.0b...20220426_0547

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