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Emulation - RetroDeck v0.4.0b


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Release Notes


  • Yuzu was broken: fixed
  • Dolphin-libretro is now the default emulator as Dolphin (Standalone) seems to be broken

New Standalone emulators:

  • RPCS3
  • MelonDS
  • PICO-8


  • Added tools to start each standalone emulator
  • Added a tool to start PICO-8's SPLORE
  • Fixed the Move ROMs tool (probably)


  • Updated ES-DE to 1.2.4 and redirected to the new repo
  • Updated Art-Book theme to fix the mising images for n3ds and pico-8
  • Now The quit button is showing "Quit RetroDECK"
  • Added RetroDECK version in the ES-DE main menu


  • Wrapper complete rewrite, now it's faster, tidier, solid
  • Wrapper: user data is now backup and moved when managing the internal folders
  • Introduced versioning: now the version is visible by CLI or in the options menu
  • Rewrote cooker.yml workflow as the old one was no more useful for the scope
  • Removed the bios/bios folder that in some situations is mistakenly created
  • Logs are now into ~/retrodeck/.logs however they must be improved
  • Moved the scraped data folder into ~/retrodeck/.downloaded_data for backup purposes and to avoid data loss when resetting RetroDECK
  • Moved themes folder in ~/retrodeck/.downloaded_data, same as above
  • Updated es_find_rules.xml
  • Updated es_systems.xml: some default emulators are changed, if you cannot load the game is maybe because of that, you can still choose the former emulator from the list
  • Added post-install scripts, now deleting ~/retrodeck/.log or ~/.var/app/net.retrodeck.retrodeck is no more needed (hopefully)
  • Added CLI arguments, run flatpak run net.retrodeck.retrodeck -h for more info
  • Added a CLI option to reset RetroDECK --reset
  • Replaced Kdialog with Zenity
  • Added manifest: this should fix the Discover bug

Known Issues:

  • Controller is not configured for most of the standalone emulators, I will configure them when I will get my Steam Deck (ETA mid June)
  • Same as above for the RetroArch hotkeys
  • External controllers seems not to be working
  • Yuzu makes RetroDECK freeze in some situations, like if the rom is a bad dump

At the moment the emulator configs are reset during every update, this was made because every version they may bring new configurations, please back them up if you did some manual configs.

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