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PS3 - PS3HEN v3.1.0 & HFW Officially updated with 4.89

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  • What Is PS3HEN?
    PS3HEN is an exploit for the PS3. HEN stands for Homebrew ENabler. it consists of functions relatively close to a CFW, but not as feature rich or open as a CFW but a great alternative for those ps3 models that can not install a CFW such as the SuperSlim Models and various Slim model PS3 that came later in the slim production line..  

    What is HFW (Hybrid Firmware) and why do we need it for PS3HEN?
    With the official firmware update of 4.84, Sony patched the webkit entry for PS3Xploit tools and exploits, however the actual exploit was never patched only the entry point to execute the exploits. PS3Xploit and Rebug developer's @habib & @Joonie figured out they could inject the old webkit into an OFW pup and it would still install on an unmodified system with the minimal changes, so that brought back the webkit from 4.82 back to 4.84+. That is how HFW was born, simple but effective. With the old webkit in place the real exploit of PS3HEN can trigger.
    PS3HEN UPDATE (05-20-2022):
    Version 3.1.0 has been released and provides 4.89.1 HFW Support. See here for additional Details!  
    Compatible with 4.84 - 4.89 HFW ONLY

    CHANGELOG > > PS3HEN v3.1.0 (4.89 Support)
    HEN Plugin Changes
    - Updated To Support 4.89 HFW
    - Added act.dat Backup/Restore feature (thanks @bucanero)
    Payload Changes
    - Updated To Support 4.89 HFW
    - COBRA PS3MAPI Changes
    - Updated To Identify 4.89 Firmware
    Resource Changes
    - Added Dump PSID option to HFW Tools
    - Added Toggle Automatic Update option to HFW Tools
    - Updated text on Theme Selector in HFW Tools
    - Added new icons for updated HFW Tools options (thanks @xps3riments)
    - Updated RCO files to fix display issues with 4.89 only (thanks @sandungas)
    - explore_plugin_full.rco: 44292838814555627FC8F9F9CB632CD8
    - software_update_plugin.rco: D1FAF469796E6894AA1CECCFAC7895EF
    - Updated layout_grid_table files for 480p and 272p to fix display issues in Remote Play with 4.89 only (thanks @sandungas)

Useful Links:

Donations to support PS3Xploit can be made on the official website @ http://ps3xploit.com/ 
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