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PS3 - CFW 4.89 Evilnat Cobra (8.3) (CEX)

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    4.89 EVILNAT (COBRA 8.3)

    • Made out of 4.89 OFW
    • Made manually without automatic tools
    • SEN/PSN enabled
    • Disabled deletion of unsigned act.dat and .rif files
    • Allowed unsigned act.dat and .rif files
    • Allowed running of unsigned applications
    • Compatibility with FSELF
    • C00 demo unlocker
    • Disabled LIC.EDAT license check
    • Can be installed over 3.55 OFW
    • Can be installed over +3.56 OFW (bguerville Toolset)
    • Can be installed over any CFW CEX
    • COBRA 8.3 added and enabled as default
    • Full PS2 Games Compatibility
    • Possibility of Downgrade from any CFW with active QA Flags
    • QA Flags active if previously enabled
    • Disabled Epilepsy Message on Boot
    • Compatibility with PSX games in ISO
    • Compatibility with PSP games in ISO
    • Compatibility with PS2 games in ISO
    • Compatibility with PS3 games in ISO/JB folder format
    • Compatibility with ReactPSN
    • Display of Temperatures in XMB In-Game on PS2 Games
    • RSOD Screen Bypass
    • BSOD Screen Bypass
    • PS3_GAME/app_home
    • XMB In-Game Screenshot
    • Added Package Manager
    • CoreOS Hash Check patched to prevent Brick on non-dehashed Downgradate consoles
    • Patched to remove LV2 Protection
    • Peek and Poke (LV2)
    • Peek and Poke (LV1)
    • CINAVIA protection disabled
    • Option to sort games by name and date

    Cobra 8.3
    • Failsafe Cobra stage2 (by bguerville/aldo)
    • Restore CFW Syscalls without reboot just entering to 'Settings > System Update' on XMB (by aldo)
    • Integrated Dynamic Control FAN (to control fan when webMAN is unloaded) (by aldo/Evilnat)
    • Support Photo GUI integration with webMAN MOD (mount games from 'Photo' column) (by aldo/DeViL303)
    • Get/Set FAN speed (by aldo)
    • Enable/disable features: Photo GUI, Restore Syscalls (by aldo)
    • Opcode to create CFW Syscalls (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 35) (by aldo)
    • Opcode to set fake accountID (by Evilnat)
    • Opcode to activate account (act.dat) (by Evilnat)
    • Opcode to create license (RIF) (by Evilnat)
    • Updated ps3mapi_load_process_modules to load custom modules and system modules (by haxxxen)
    • Added ps3mapi_get_process_module_info
    • Increased from 24 to 32 the max number of map paths (by aldo)
    • Added sm_get_temperature patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
    • Added sm_get_fan_policy patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
    • Added sm_set_fan_policy patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
    • Fixed Control FAN payload, avoids loading previous mode (by Evilnat)
    • Disable stage2.bin while Recovery Menu is loaded (by haxxxen)
    • Fixed max FAN speed after shutdown (by Evilnat)
    • Improved Habib's QA flags code imported by aldostools (by Evilnat)
    • Fixed black screen in CFW2OFW converted games (by Evilnat)
    • Added sm_ring_buzzer with single_beep, double_beep and triple_beep (by Evilnat)
    • Skip license creation (rif) if it already exists (by aldo)
    • Added cellFsMkdir symbol (by Evilnat)
    • Added constant FAN Speed while a PS2 ISO is launched (by Evilnat)
    • Check/Disable/Enable QA Flags (by Evilnat)
    • Creation of act.dat while launching a PSN game (by Evilnat)
    • Convert someones's else savedata to your own savedata (by Evilnat)
    • Block Log In on PSN/SEN when CFW syscalls are enabled (by DeViL303)




Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.89 COBRA 8.3 [CEX]

MD5: 14CC1EC94488858BB85ABB335876A5CF

Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.89 COBRA 8.3 [CEX] [noBD]

MD5: 597BE74B932E8115178BB5BEC94026C7

Download:CFW EVILNAT 4.89 COBRA 8.3 [CEX] [noBT]

MD5: E4426F5338FCDE35D728F443899C7AF9

Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.89 COBRA 8.3 [CEX] [noBD] [noBT]

MD5: 2B97BED2374872A5337D593BEC9B915B


Final Words
I hope that the CFW is working fine and without issues for everyone, but if you see any issue, please let me know in my twitter and I will try to fix it as soon as possible: @xXEvilnatXx

Cobra 8.3 and xai_plugin source code can be found in my Github repository:

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