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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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Finalizer - Super Transformation, Iron Horse, Jackal:
-Add LUTs to simulate the non-linear analog output from the PCBs' weighted resistor DACs
-Revise 005885 tilemap logic based on decap of the more advanced 007121 by Furrtek
-Rework 005885 video timers
-Fix long-standing issue causing sprites to render one frame earlier than normal (hardware uses a framebuffer, implementation uses an intermediary cache between sprite RAM and sprite logic plus line-buffering to achieve the same behavior with significantly less BRAM usage)
-Downmix the audio output to mono for bootleg Jackal ROM sets (such PCBs lack native stereo outputs)
-Improve accuracy of video rendering oddities present on bootleg Jackal PCBs
-Update JT03 and JT51 to the latest version for Iron Horse and Jackal, respectively
-Slight tweak to 60Hz-normalized timings
-Update framework

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