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Switch - hwfly-nx / hwfly-toolbox Release 1.1.1

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HWFLY modchip toolbox

Add support for x.y.z versions instead of single digit.


  1. place hwfly_toolbox.bin in sdcard:/bootloader/payloads
  2. run hwfly_toolbox from hekate
  3. update SD loader from menu
  4. power off switch from menu
  5. place firmware.bin and sdloader.enc from hwfly firmware into sdcard root
  6. put SD in switch and power on while holding VOL+ (verify: modchip green light stays on)
  7. run hwfly_toolbox from hekate again
  8. update firmware from menu
  9. reboot while holding VOL+ again
  10. now all functions in hwfly_toolbox work upon next run

Note: toolbox requires at least firmware v0.6.0.

This will not allow unflashable chips to become flashed. Unflashable ones have a BGA FPGA IC on the board. Flashable ones use a QFN FPGA.

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