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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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- Version 1.5 released.
- Added support for Storage Priority Resolution: External Storage will be used for installing new files under certain conditions. More info in the options section.
- Added base_path as a database-scoped option.
- Added routine for fixing certificates when they are not working correctly.
- Added support for PDFViewer, glow and lesskey (for reading docs files).
- Added documentation for tag property on the Custom Databases documentation page (useful for filtering).
- Added "verbose" option in downloader.ini for printing debug output while running Downloader.
- Critical parts of the script are now benchmarked, and the resulting output is printed when the verbose option is activated.
- Added new entrypoint for displaying connected external drives by calling the launcher with the argument --print-drives.
- Internal DB save is not attempted when no changes have been detected. This change saves time and spares writes on the SD.
- Many optimizations have been performed, taking advantage of the information provided by the new benchmarks.
- Improved readability of custom database documentation (tonurics).
- Fields base_files_url, db_files, zips, default_options are now not mandatory on Custom Databases.
- Download Filter terms can now start with numbers.
- Fixed INI path resolution when Downloader was called from unusual locations.
- Improved internal implementation for zip summaries.
- Removed url_safe_characters option as it's no longer useful. Now database URLs need to be strictly correct.
- Other general improvements: refactors, fixes, test coverage, code cleanup...

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