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Switch - pEMU pEMU 6.0

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pEMU 6.0

Please note, i couldn't truly test all supported platforms, be sure to report any bugs here


  • common: add new emulator (pgen: genesis-plus-gx port)
  • common: update gamelists
  • common: fix preview images and videos links
  • ui: only show know files extensions in rom list
  • ui: fix favorites preview images and videos
  • input: add rotation support back (wip)
  • skins: enable font filtering back, remove big_preview skin
  • skins: add "config.cfg.override" file support for skin overriding
  • skins: code and data cleanup
  • skins: improve scaling
  • psnes: fix crackling audio in some games (zelda, ff6...)
  • vita: remove slow pvr support (fix framerate on a lot of games)
  • vita: fix input rotation (wip)
  • switch: refactor inputs (use sdl2 gamecontroller and new sdl2 automatic single joycons handling)
  • switch: update buttons gfx
  • windows: fix compilation, code improvements
  • android: add android support (wip)
  • and more...

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