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Switch - HATS 1.3.2


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This pack is compatible with Nintendo Switch Firmware UP TO 14.1.1, and it includes :

  • (H)ekate v5.7.2 & Nyx v1.2.2
  • (A)tmosphere 1.3.2
  • (T)infoil 14.0
  • (S)igpatches from iTotaljustice
  • DBI 358
  • Homebrew Appstore 2.2


  • Tegraexplorer 4.3.0 from dezem
  • Lockpick_RCM v1.9.8
  • HWFLY Toolbox (for chipped consoles)


  • Systemrestore V3
  • Dump Saves

SX Gear 1.1 Boot.dat



If you want to use Edizon, Tesla Menu plus cheats updater, download this file Tesla Combo extract it to your SD card.

If you want to add Shop to Tinfoil, download this Tinfoil Shop and extract it to the SD card.

The HATS Combo version contains Tesla Combo, Tinfoil Shop, JKSV and NxDumpTool

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