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Switch - NxNandManager_v4.1


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The following was changed since the last release:

  • Added support for mariko's BOOT0 (prevent autoRCM activation for mariko)
  • Added firmware detection support for 10.1.0 & 10.1.1 (CHN)
  • Fixed a bug caused by a nullptr when creating rawbased emunand from FULL NAND
  • Fixed segmentation fault in NxHandle destructor
  • Fixed a bug occuring when some bis keys were missing from keyset file
  • Output file handle is now correctly freed after copying


  • UI scaling implementation (many thanks to Chrscool8 for his contribution)
  • You can now close an opened file/drive from 'File' menu (to release file handle)


  • New option --crypto_check : Validate crypto for a given keyset file (-keyset) and input (-i)
  • Fixed a bug when displaying remaining time
  • Encryption/decryption for FULL NAND was broken, fixed

Note : NxNandManager.exe (x64) is now build statically to get rid of all these dlls.

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