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Switch - NxNandManager_v5.1


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The following was changed since the last release:

Bug fixes:

Issue Resolution
#74, #37 NAND without GPT backup is now recognized as a valid NxStorage
#71 A bug was fixed that caused checksum mismatch error
#61, #47 Several bugs were fixed regarding partition formatting
#59 Filebased emunand with extra dots in file path were not recognized, fixed
#57, #44 File paths with non ASCII characters are now properly managed
#46 Mariko: A bug was fixed that prevented DeviceID from being recognized => #24
#24 A bug was fixed that caused crypto validation error for empty/formatted partitions

New features:

Partition mounting (virtual disk / virtual FS):

  • New option: User can select mouting point (drive letter)
  • New option: Nintendo's archive folder virtualization (handled as single file NCA, file size can exceed 4 GB)
  • New option: Partition can be mounted as read-only
  • Virtual FS now uses multithreading which allows for file sharing & faster transfer speeds.


NAND partition formatting (USER, SYSTEM):

Code has been redesigned. FatFS lib is now used.

Explorer (Beta):

  • Explore the content of USER & SYSTEM partitions. Provides useful info: title name & id, user name & id, etc.
  • List, save or extract files from saveFS (title saves, under /save folder)
  • List, save, decrypt or extract content from NCAs (installed titles) using hactoolnet


Please note:

  • You'll need to re-configure your keyset (import all keys from both prod.keys & title.keys).
  • Content (JPEG) will be downloaded from Nintendo's public CDN and cached in /cache folder.
  • Content will be downloaded from eliboa.com (nca filename DB as json file, title DB as json file).
  • External program hactoolnet.exe is used to decrypt & extract files from NCAs.

Keyset configuration:

You can import all sorts of keys into keyset, not only Bis keys (useful for Explorer).


Firmware detection:

  • BOOT0, SYSTEM: added support for latest firmwares (up to 13.2.1)
  • SYSTEM: added a feature to query firmware version from a remote database : eliboa.com/switch/nca.php (#75)

GitHub Releases (by Release)

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