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Ports - DevilutionX 1.1.0


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  • Proper widescreen (and other aspects) support
  • Select difficulty in single player (remembered in the save game)
  • Adjustable game speed in-game
  • V-sync can now be disabled in the ini
  • Better line drawing function used for the automap
  • Support for loading custom Hell level maps
  • Make all objects and monsters available to custom maps
  • Added support for joining a game via hostname instead of IP


  • You can now enter and exit fullscreen also when the game is paused
  • [Amiga] Fix double-clicking in menu

Original Diablo bugs

  • Fix some monsters AC and to-hit values on Nightmare/Hell ending up as 0
  • Fix player base block resetting to 0 after loading a save game
  • Correctly render trees in front of the player
  • Fully render sprites that are larger than the floor tiles
  • Fix objects disappearing when walking on the opposite wall
  • Duping via belt has been fixed
  • Correctly detect if the mouse is clicking the world or UI in some areas
  • Minor typography corrections
  • Corrected name of Chamber of Bone in automap
  • Correctly align the inventory slots

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