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Ports - DevilutionX 1.2.1


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  • Gharbad not having to go out of vision before progressing his quest
  • Diablo: Items with negative AC morphing in multiplayer
  • Diablo: Griswold and Wirt selling unusually expensive items
  • Diablo: Gold not going directly to inventory
  • Hellfire: Some monsters having lower than intended HP
  • Hellfire: Auric Amulet not taking effect in most scenarios

Graphics / Audio

  • Windows: Glitchy audio


  • Vita: Inability to edit hero name on the creation screen

Stability / Performance / System

  • Quest panel crashing the game for some quests
  • Windows: Some systems getting a sensor permission error
  • Windows: Stability issues and item morphing in Hellfire

Bugfixes for original Hellfire bugs


  • Rage/Search/Lightningwall not factoring in the hero level for the first player
  • Sparkling Shrine dealing an incorrect amount of damage
  • Items with negative AC morphing in multiplayer

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