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Switch - JTegraNX v1.6.2

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  • This release MUST be downloaded directly from this repository, do NOT attempt to update to this release using JTegraNX's self-updater, it will fail because of the new deployment strategy.

What's new

  • Added portable mode.
    • This is just the same behavior as the older versions of JTegraNX when it came to creating data files, it's just been re-implemented as a secondary option.
    • If "JTegraNX.ini" is detected in the working directory of where the JAR is being launched, the portable mode will activate.
    • You can easily switch between Standard and Portable mode from the Settings menu
  • Enhanced the updater for the new deployment.
    • The updater now gets grabs the version based on your system's OS architecture, not the JRE architecture.
      • If this becomes a problem, I'll make it use JRE architecture.
    • The updater now also overwrites the currently running JAR file and prompts a restart.
      • If you choose not to restart when JTegraNX prompts you to, the "Check for JTegraNX updates" Menu Item is set to restart JTegraNX.
  • Hopefully corrected the deployment for x86 and x64 architectures.

Be sure to download the release corresponding to your JRE architecture, Java can't load an x64 native on an x86 JRE and vise versa.

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