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Switch - JTegraNX v1.6.3

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  • Depending on how your JRE is set up, you may need to download this release directly from this repository as well, but after this release, you shouldn't have to unless the deployment strategy is changed again. If you're using an x86 JRE on an x64 Windows, you'll have to download this release directly from this repository and NOT the JTegraNX self-updater, in this release, this issue is fixed. If you use the self updater, the restart function will not work in v1.6.2 unless the JAR is named "JTegraNX.jar". This update also fixes that.

What's new

  • Set the updater to use the JRE architecture just in case.
  • Fixed the restart after the update function.
  • Made some minor changes to the UI.
  • Added an about dialog.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

Be sure to download the release corresponding to your JRE architecture, Java can't load an x64 native on an x86 JRE and vise versa.

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