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Emulation - RetroArch v1.10.1


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Several fixes and improvements do NGC and Wii (#13698)

* Support new elf2dol path in Makefile.griffin

* Fix NULL pointer dereference when no core info is available

* Fix double include of different versions of libogc

* Move ngc and wii to Makefile.common

Resulting binary is 60K *smaller*. This is surprising but probably due to
less inlining happening

* gx_gfx: Fix hang on gfx initialization

* Remove sthread_isself on NGC/Wii

It relies on pthread_equal that is not there for either legacy pthreads
or normal pthreads on those platforms

* Wii networking

* Missing includes in split

* Network fixes

* Fix logging of non-format string as a format

* Support for gx netlogger

* Network fix

* Network fixes

* Network info

* gx: Move config files to app directory

Otherwise it clashes between wiiU and vWii version with unpredictable

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