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Switch - Amiigo Amiigo 2.0: Back by unpopular demand


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Amiigo was rewritten from scratch.

  • Amiigo will now automatically install the latest version of Emuiibo when launched for the first time if Emuiibo is not present.
  • Amiigo now uses a custom OpenGL based UI library called Arriba, note that I wrote Arriba so it's very bad and no one else should use it for their homebrew.
  • Thanks to Arriba Amiigo now has much better touch support. The Amiibo lists now have inertia so you can scroll them like a phone menu, please mess with this it was hard to implement and probably not worth the time it took.
  • The "Check for updates" button was replaced with a settings tab which has the options to switch between category modes, update the API cache, and update to the latest version of Amiigo when an update is detected.
  • Amiigo will now no longer update the API cache every time you open Amiigo Maker.
  • Amiigo should (hopefully) be idiot proof now. If you're unable to use it it has probably broken again and I haven't had time to update it.

Sorry that this update took almost 2 years to release, I know that Amiigo has been broken for a long time but my console broke so I was unable to update it and a bunch of other stuff happened by the time I got a new one. I would tell you about it but I already sold exclusive rights for the story to Wololo in exchange for a pizza.

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