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Switch - DeepSea Release v3.3.0


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Welcome to version 3.3.0 of DeepSea the AiO firmware for the Nintendo Switch!

  • Updated Atmosphère 1.2.1
    * Support was implemented for 13.1.0.
    * mesosphère was updated to reflect the kernel behavioral changes made in 13.1.0.
    * erpt was updated to reflect the latest official behaviors.

  • Updated Hekate 5.6.5
    * HOS 13.1.0 Support
    * Added info about new touch panel firmware

  • Removed Mission Control. It will be added back on a later date but for now its gone. You can always use an older HOS version and an older DeepSea version to get it back

  • Updated ldn_mitm 1.11.0

  • Updated aio-switch-updater

  • Updated sys-con 0.6.4

Remember, always bring protection! The monsters under the bed are scary
That's all for this release! Until the next one!

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